Specialized Kenevo SL Expert - Cool Grey/Carbon/Dove Grey
Specialized Kenevo SL Expert - Cool Grey/Carbon/Dove Grey
Specialized Kenevo SL Expert - Cool Grey/Carbon/Dove Grey
Specialized Kenevo SL Expert - Cool Grey/Carbon/Dove Grey

Specialized Kenevo SL Expert - Cool Grey/Carbon/Dove Grey

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Title: S2
Product description
The Turbo Kenevo SL Expert is a top-class E‑MTB — an unprecedented combination of low weight, responsiveness and performance. Ultra-responsive handling merges with the advantages of the Turbo SL system and allows absolute control with remarkable performance.

The Turbo SL system delivers incredibly natural and intuitive power of up to 240 watts and 35 Nm of torque. This provides up to 2x amplification of your input. Sophisticated algorithms and specially adapted software in the integrated controller produce a smooth and seamless power delivery for absolute control.
The MasterMind Turbo Control Unit (TCU) is the hardware and software that controls how the motor, battery, bike and you interact. It enables real-time support tuning while driving and displays all relevant data. The MasterMind TCU also allows for over-the-air updates so your bike keeps getting better over time. In addition, the TCU can communicate with your Mission Control App to enable advanced tuning possibilities, on-trail diagnostics and more.
29” wheels and a progressive wheelbase ensure the perfect balance.
The Turbo Kenevo SL Expert has six geometry settings that allow easy adjustment to your riding style and improve performance on any terrain.
170 mm of travel ensure amazing response and efficient use of power.
Thanks to S-Sizing, you can choose the frame size according to your riding style and not just based on the inner leg length.
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Dänemark 9,99€ 19,99€ 89,99€
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